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Vino Rosso

Tasting notes

Dry, flavourful and fruity with an aftertaste of wild blackberries and spices. Light yet full bodied, harmonious.  Excellent to accompany substantial dishes such as sausage, red meat, rich sauces.


it is obtained from selected and healthy grapes, and whole maceration in steel vats; after alcoholic fermentation, the wine is decanted into steel tanks where the fermentation is completed (after a first decanting stage); after that, the wine is decanted filtered and triple filtered so as to ensure top quality.


bright ruby red with slight violet hues. 


delicate with very good persistence;  to the nose it is intense and suggestive of red berries like currant, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry.


this wine is semi dry and fruity with a slight aftertaste of dewberry and spices; it is light-bodied and harmonic, and has good acidity; it is lightly alcoholic and persistent on the palate, and best drunk when very young.

Alcohol content

11% vol.

Optimal serving temperature


Wine Technical Sheet (pdf)
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in a humidity controlled cellar at a temperature of 10-12°C.

this wine is very good with substantial main courses;  it is ideal with “polenta” and sausages, and with preparations based on grilled, roasted or stewed red meat; it also goes well with half-processed semi aged cheeses.

in 75 cl Bordolese bottles in 6 bottle boxes.

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