Tales From Times Past

Cristian Tombacco

A project that starts from passion, a story that grows from the roots of the earth and a family. Listening to the life story of the Tombacco family told by those who breathe its essence every day, is compelling and evocative. 

Bicycle Arts and Crafts

Trades from times past on the road. Two wheels, a simple object that has undergone few transformations over the years. 

The Carpenter

Alessandro Nalesso is a carpenter, who keeps the family tradition alive after 5 generations with simplicity and pride.

The Shoeshiner

Eleonora Lovo's is a profession that few think about, which comes from long ago and takes us back to days anisd atmospheres far removed from our current hectic everyday life.

The Barber

This is not a trade’s story. This is a story that tells of the passion to be a barber and of a life changed by special meetings. This is the story of Michele D’Este, barber since 1982.

The Clog Maker

A trade that tells of past times, of ways of life that are sadly no longer. The craft of clog making is one which today finds its place in markets, craft fairs and historical and cultural reenactments of the Venetian country tradition.


A lively white that is named after its character. A wine born of vast lands, from the slopes of the Apennines and the Gran Sasso.


A noble and proud wine that has its roots in history. It leaves in the mouth hints of spices and red fruits, offering mysterious stories and legends.


A velvety wine with a full flavour that, like the river from which it takes its name, it leads the way in lands at one with the sea and ancient traditions.

Salice Salentino

A wine as strong as the earth from which it originates, born from the art of cultivation and the fusion of flavours and aromas.

Primitivo Rosato

Like a sweet, salty tear, the Primitivo Rosato embodies the sweetness of the fruits of the earth and the strong character of a sparkling sea. The mirror of a region in constant balance between land and water.

Rosso Piceno

Offering aromatic harmonies that are complex and original, with rich but evanescent floral notes, it has a tannic, savoury taste that is always balanced. With an alcohol content of 14 ° it is the ideal companion for game and stewed red meat.

Rosso Sicilia

A nectar fruit of the primary elements that determined it, without the human hand altering what is a timeless journey, when wine and divinity merged.

La 1000 miglia 2019

15-18 May 2019
It will be the 37th re-enactment of Italy's most famous car race that comes to life from 15 to 18 May.

Valeggio veste il vintage

It will be stage on 12 May 2019
Apparel and accessories, fashion from times past

1000 Finarte, Vintage car and memorabilia Auction

On May 13, 2019 in Brescia
In the museum dedicated to the Mille Miglia race, a very special auction will take place.

NextVintage at Castello di Belgioioso

From 5 to 8 April 2019
A dive into the fashion trends of the past, an exhibition by over 60 fashion and style enthusiasts who will immerse you in the charm of clothing that has made history, our history.

Mercanteinfiera di Parma, Primavera

2-10 March 2019
A truly unique market exhibition: up to 1,000 exhibitors from all over Italy and from all over the world.

C’era una volta il Libro

16-17 February 2019
C'era una volta il libro (Once upot a time there was a book)
is an event dedicated to the world of rare and antiques books, orgnaized as part of the exhibition C'era una volta... Antiquariato at the Fiera di Cesena.

Fiera dell’antiquariato, del vintage e cose d’altri tempi

Every Tuesday, in the splendid location of Piazza Ghiaia in the heart of Parma, exhibitors from all over Italy will fascinate you with a selection of rare and unique objects, housed under a structure completely covered by glass.

C’era una volta… Antiquariato, Special: At first there was… the Thread

19-20 January 2019
At first there was the thread
is a special edition of the monthly exhibition of the Cesena Fair dedicated to the rich Italian textile heritage.

Winter Marathon 2019

24-27 January 2019
A one-of-a-kind event that leaves breathleass, not only car or mountain lovers, but all those who cannot say that they are immune to beauty.

Fiera Antiquaria in Arezzo

Every first weekend of the month, 2019
There is an event that every first weekend of the month transforms the hisotic center of the beautiful city of Arezzo into a vast antiques market.