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C’era una volta il Libro

16 and 17 February 2019 in Cesena, in the monthly exhibition dedicated to the exchange of antiques and brocantages, the best collectors and exhibitors of prints, scrolls, books and publishing products of rare beauty will meet. A unique opportunity to experience the history of the book that, in the city of Cesena, sees one of its most noble examples and supporters: The splendid Malatestiana library, in fact, was built in the middle of the 400s by order of Malatesta and is a splendid example of Renaissance culture.

What will you find at C'era una volta il libro?
Wonderful pieces which are unique in the world of cartography (from maps to topographic maps, to atlases), decorative prints and etchings, rare and antique acqueforti, out-of-print books, singular books and proposals for book modernization. You can also find signed editions, illustrated books and special books for children, as well as catalogues of art and unique editions.

Who is it for?
An exhibition-market for those who can not resist the charm of paper. If you are a passionate reader or you like to touch the most original publishing and cartography products, the exhibition Once upon a time a book is right for you.

At Cesena
Cesena Fiera
Via Dismano 3845
Pievesestina di Cesena (FC)

Entrance €3.00 

Info and contacts:

Information and contacts

Cesena Fiera - Via Dismano 3845
Pievesestina di Cesena (FC)

0541 53294 @Ceraunavoltantiquariato
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