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The Barber

"I discovered when I was just a boy, that this barber business was not a job, it was a real passion. Even today, for me, working means having fun". This is how Michele D'este's story begins, and he tells with pride and excitement how the love for his profession began". For many years I worked as a hairdresser for both men and women, as an employee and in my own shop. But for 5 years I have dedicated myself to the rediscovery of an ancient and fascinating profession, that of the barber, with centuries of tradition and history".

"Thanks to a special person, who was almost a mentor to me, I explored the culture of this profession: once the barber was much more than a simple aesthetic service, he was also a confidant, partly doctor, in short he was a central figure central in the life of man. I want to offer this to my customers, a place to feel good in general, feel good about yourself, rediscover sa slower pace and a spirit of being together, of sharing.

"Entering Michele's barbershop really does mean taking a step back in time: restored furniture, old iceboxes transformed into objects, cement tiles all different, washbasins with curtains, vintage decor and ornaments, all chosen with scrupulous care and restored to their previous charm. Because if it is true that service and style are found in the details, Michele and his barbershop have a magnitude! "In truth I surround myself with all for myself, because immersing myself in this world makes me feel good too, I like it and it's gratifying". It is also gratifying for Michele to see that his customers appreciate his world and think of him, bringing him souvenirs from their travels or objects for his shop, all in strictly vintage style.

New projects, like that of setting up his shop as a place of wellbeing for men, with barbershop, a bar, relaxation area, beauty kiosk and exhibition space, and his new image derives from a more relaxed lifestyle, conscious and always ready for inner reflection. For Michele, a new way of life came out of meeting with his life coach "I began to read a lot, to better understand certain concepts and principles, to face life in a truer way. For a while now I've been experimenting with writing, even if I do not do it on a professional level. I believe, however, that finding the way to really communicate with people, thanks to a stylistic choice or thanks to certain words and messages, can trigger a virtuous circle, a vortex of positive energy that comes back to you". A circle that returns, as it returns in all that Michele does. A way to revisit the lifestyle of a past era with relaxed rhythms and respect for the whole person. Perhaps this is the deepest meaning of the story of Michele D'este, of his passion for the past, for vintage: "After all, I'm vintage myself, I'm old. That means a lot of stuff".

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Creazione di Michele
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