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Primitivo Rosato

The winemaking technique for the rosé has historic roots in the typical processes of Magna Graecia and the Roman Empire period. The "lagrima" that came out of the pressing of the first must was fermented separately from the skins, obtaining a wine with light, rosy hues. Through all the centuries after, the Rosato di Puglia has continued to exist in artisan and home-made products, obtained from different types of native vines: from Negroamaro to Primitivo.

In the 1940s the historic Apulian wineries are quick to respond to international requests and the great passion beyond the Alps for rosé wines (from France to Great Britain and even as far as America), creating noble labels and strong and fruity wines, rich in nuances and charm.

This is the tradition to which we wish to pay tribute with our Primitivo Rosato IGT, a proud wine that preserves all the qualities and intensity of the Primitivo di Puglia vine and raises it in a new level of fragrance and taste. Its fresh acidity is surprising, like a vigorous wave that breaks on the rocks, and captures its delicate and balanced flavour, enriched with the scent of blackberries and all the intensity of the aromatic herbs of the earth from which it comes.

Discover the features and gastronomic combinations of Primitivo Rosato.

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