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Salice Salentino

Since the 19th century the skilled hands of the Salento growers passed down an ancient way of growing proud and full-bodied vines. They planted different varieties of grapes within the same vine rows so that the plants, sinking their roots on the same ground, managed to contaminate and enhance their characteristics. The Salento farmers grew 3 rows of Negroamaro, harder and more intense, and 1 row of Malvasia or Primitivo, sweeter and more fragrant. With this stratagem the earth gave its best and the taste of the grapes improved, giving rise to native cultures with a unique taste and aroma.

In the 1930's those same hands also intertwined the fruit of the vines, giving rise to an incredibly fascinating and balanced wine. Experimentation in the cellar, combining the sharpness of those who have always lived in the vineyards and the mastery of those who make the balance an art, has created the Salice Salentino.

We have rediscovered and chosen this wine of the past for its singularity: the magic of the blend of aromas, intensity and tastes is unique, and offers a full and decisive wine, with an intense ruby colour and olfactory nuances waiting to be discovered.

Discover Salice Salentino’s characteristics and combinations.

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