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Aglianico is an ancient wine, with roots that are difficult to trace. Stories and legends are intertwined leaving one thing for sure: it is a noble wine that tells of the territory in which it was born, a land that has lived under many artistic and cultural influences and of each of these has known how to preserve the best.

Perhaps it was the Greeks who brought us the vines of Aglianico. Other rumours tell of a Latin origin: of a noble Roman family, the Alli, who farmed many areas of Campania. Even the Aragonese domination could have given life to the Aglianico vine, a vine cultivated in the "tierras llanas", the plains. Whatever the true history of Aglianico, we are sure that it is the fruit of noble and secular vines and wine traditions.

Precisely for this reason we have chosen to rediscover this wine: all the legends and stories that see it as a leading character hold a mirror to its organoleptic richness. A complex and precious wine, full of charm with so much to be revealed, sip after sip, story after story.

A wine of legendary origins, full of charm and rich in nuances to taste and savour. A centuries long tradition to rediscover and return to.

Discover the nuances of its fragrance and flavour.

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