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Rosso Piceno

A look that recalls the past, with 3/4 indications on the neck of the bottle, an amalgam of Montepulciano and Sangiovese for a wine that rests and is reborn every day even richer in nuances and flavours.

The cultivation of vines in the Piceno areas actually has its origins in the 10th century BC. Tradition says that it was the Greek founders of Ancona who started to produce grapes for wine. Their Etruscan neighbours' great experience in the wine field also had a positive influence on the Picene populations, who refined their cultivation and winemaking techniques and perfected them in Roman times. As in many other areas of Italy, in the Middle Ages the wisdom regarding the cultivation of vines was in the hands of the monks in the monasteries. But in the era of the Municipalities the characteristics of Rosso Piceno began to take shape in a more notable way.

A long history, which denotes the potential of a land rich in resources.

Rosso Piceno Doc from the Renowned Cantina Tombacco gathers up and enhances this tradition, mixing Montepulciano and Sangiovese for a unique and unforgettable blend. Slow vinification, with a resting period of over 6 months in steel tanks and an aging period in the bottle for at least 3 months, makes this red a complex and floral wine, with a marked tendency to evolve over time. Just like its history.

Discover the nuances of its fragrance and flavour.

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